Seven Texas Getaways To Take In The New Year

If you asked anyone in Texas, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who’d tell you that there’s ever a bad time for Texas getaways to be on your travel plans. After all, exploring the Lone Star State is part of what Texas is all about. Whether you think about the history of how the state was first established to the current tall-tales about how much highway traveling you can do & still be within its borders, Texas getaways are something special.

You may also find that these same folks will tell you that hitting the road in Texas to take in the New Year is also something pretty special. The thing to keep in mind is that when you take in the new year, do you mean celebrating the changing over of the calendar or do you actually mean traveling during a new calendar year? For our purposes, we’ll stick to a list that tackles taking in traveling in Texas during the very new calendar year.

With a state as diverse as Texas, and with as much road to cover in such a geographically massive state, trying to narrow down some getaway options is pretty tough. Still, if you’re hoping to find the right getaways to make your time in Texas a standard-bearer for the rest of the year’s activities, these seven travel ideas should definitely be on your radar:

Exploring the Texas Hill Country – A defining characteristic of Texas, the hill country is located in the central part of the state & provides a vast array of experiences from wild frontier to hip boutiques.

Wildflower Watch/Bluebonnet Trail – Enjoy the blooming of the state flower of Texas along with an explosion of color from all of the wildflowers Texas has to offer.

South Padre Island & the Texas Coastline – Get past the Spring Break reputation and realize that SPI & the entire Texas coast offers tremendous dining, astounding landscapes, and unique recreational activities. Don’t forget the great fishing!

Houston – Though not the only place in Texas to be affected by Hurricane Harvey, Houston is one of the largest cities in the country, and visiting to help bring it back to prominence is a solid step in helping the area move forward.

Texas Dance Hall Tour – Get your boots moving while taking in some of the historic dance halls in the state. Though there are some organized tours available, you can also plan out a heck of a road-trip on your own with a little help from your friend, the internet.

Texas Geocaching – Think of it as a digital treasure hunt mixed with GPS and a youthful sense of adventure and camaraderie.

Rivalry Weekend – If you’re talking about Texas, you definitely need to mention football. There are certainly some storied football rivalries in the state, so why not check out a rivalry game?

Texas getaways in the new year should be a part of your resolution list. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun, and hey, isn’t time to make traveling more of a thing in your life again?

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