Best temples to visit in Mumbai on a religious tour

The economic capital of India, Mumbai, is home to several temples that speak about the religious devotion of the city. If you have only heard about the city for its incredible landmarks and astonishing activities that it offers, then you are missing out on the key feature of this place and i.e. the temple. Mumbai temples are visited frequently by commoners as well as celebrities to pay homage to different deities in the premises. So, if you want to do that as well, you can visit the temples in Mumbai and also attain spiritual satisfaction in the process.

I am a religious person by nature and visiting the temples of different cities is something that I love to do. Therefore, last month, I made a plan to visit Mumbai and explore the temples that it has on its territory. I made a list of them and made my room booking at the Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai from the wide range of hotels in Mumbai list available on Intermiles for a royal stay. My family (mother and father) too wanted to accompany me for the trip and therefore, I visited Mumbai along with them and went on a spiritual journey. Here is a list of temples that we visited in Bollywood city.


Worshipped Goddess Mumba at Mumbadevi Temple

Our first plan was to visit the famous Mumbadevi Temple. The reason being it is one of the oldest in the city and an interesting fact about this temple is that the city was named after it. So, definitely, it was something that we had to visit for witnessing its eminence in the city’s history. The temple has the deity of Goddess Mumba placed at the centre which is a major attraction within the temple. Although we visited during the offseason, we were quite surprised by the crowd that it had there. We were not quite expecting such a crowd early in the morning. Beating the rush, as we entered the temple, we saw the deity beautifully adorned with different pieces of jewelleries and was placed on a beautiful alter. We paid our homage to Goddess Mumbai and other deities in the surroundings and left with a sense of satisfaction on our hearts.


Explored Mahalakshmi Temple

With a lot of expectation, we headed to our next destination, The Mahalakshmi Temple. Known for its ancient establishment in the year 1831 by Dhakji Dadaji, a Hindu merchant, Mahalakshmi Temple still stands strong as one of the most visited temples in Mumbai. A key factor of this temple is that it houses three goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali, all adorned beautifully and kept on an altar. But what hooked my attention on reach was the splendid view of the sea from the temple. We were not allowed to click pictures within the temple, else would have captured the sight which was too good for a miss. My mother loved the architecture on the premises of the temple which was entirely carved with stones and wanted to stay here for some more time. However, due to time constraints, we had to leave the temple by 1 but we were quite happy at the end of this temple tour. If you plan to visit here, make your visit during Navratri as the temple comes in full bloom during this time.


Appreciated the beauty of Babulnath Temple

Our next destination was Babulnath Temple. A relative of ours kept telling us before the visit to definitely visit Babulnath Temple. Although I did not bother asking her then but now I know why she was insisting on the visit. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is one of the most iconic temples in Mumbai among the Marwari and Gujrati communities. A unique factor about this temple is that it is modelled in a way that depicts the Kailash Parvat, also known as the home of Lord Shiva. If not anything else, surely, you will be charmed by the awe-striking beauty of this mesmerizing temple. So, if you are a true devotee of Lord Shiva, definitely visit Babulnath Temple on your Mumbai darshan.


Learned about the history of Walkeshwar Temple

After soaking into the beauty of Babulnath Temple, we went to our final destination, The Walkeshwar temple. This place has an interesting history that captivated my father’s interest, so it was a part of our itinerary. According to a legend, it is believed that Lord Rama made a shivling here with sand to conduct his puja. This temple was constructed by the Shilahara Dynastry and is thousand years old. So, you can well imagine the cultural and historical significance of this place. We went inside around 3 pm and paid homage to the Lord Rama deity and pleased our souls for quite some time before we called off for the day.


So, this was pretty how our temple exploration in Mumbai was like and trust me, we had a great time. You can follow our guide or create your own and head to Mumbai temples for calming your souls under God’s feet. Believe me, you will come back refreshed and satisfied.

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