Making the Most of Mallnitz on School Ski Trips

The rewards of taking groups on school ski trips are myriad: challenging students mentally and physically, honing old skills and developing new ones, allowing them to broaden their horizons, testing their resilience and above all having fun – all in a new and exciting location.

Mallnitz is just one of the many fabulous skiing destinations that Austria has to offer, boasting beautiful scenery and varied runs suited to all levels of ability, with thoroughly up-to date facilities. For those who have never been skiing before, this is a great choice for school ski trips, with its middle lift station giving easy access to the gentler slopes – although there are enough tougher runs to suit intermediate and advanced skiers, too. And when you’re not skiing, there’s plenty to do – here are a few suggestions for other activities to make your trip brilliantly well-rounded.

Hohe Tauern National Park

Because of the nature of the sport, school ski trips virtually always take place in picturesque settings, but Mallnitz has an edge over many: it is nestled in the dazzling heart of the 200 square kilometre Hohe Tauern National Park. The striking contours of Molltal Glacier, and the natural winter wonderland of Hohe Tauern’s pine forests and snowy plains tend to stick in the memory. For students wanting a change of pace from daily skiing sessions, an exploration of the national park by snowshoe, guided by expert rangers, is bound to be a very special experience.

Tauernbad Swimming Pool

A ski resort with good indoor sport and swimming facilities is always a bonus, and Mallnitz has just that in the form of Tauernbad swimming pool. Swimming is known to be a great workout and stamina-builder and a good, relaxing follow-up to skiing, so a session at this pool could be a perfect addition to your itinerary. Students can do laps or simply have fun and make the most of the pool’s extra features, including a whirlpool, water slide and chill-out zones. There’s even a sun terrace!


It’s important to unwind, both physically and mentally, after a day of skiing, and visitors to Mallnitz are in luck – there are plenty of options for doing so, and a good range of teen-friendly activities. Discos and karaoke nights make for memorable evenings; other nights could be spent relaxing at the hotel, or exploring the lively after-hours vibe of Mallnitz village. Just as important as relaxing on school ski trips, is building up the strength for more physical activity the next day! So take advantage of the variety of enticing restaurants and cafes on offer then head back to the hotel for a good night’s rest before hitting the slopes again.

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