The Enchanting Charm of Kerala: Backwaters

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is located in between Arabian Sea and Punnamada Lake. It is the most iconic city of Kerala. It is a home to many spectacular sights, activities and events in Kerala. Alleppey can be defined as enchanting and fun primarily because of its geographical setting. This city has been laid out with some fantastic non-linear elongation of backwaters. The backwaters seem to be crisscrossing the city making it look all the more beautiful. The backwaters in Kerala are adorned with natural beauty of glistening sands, exotic palms, coconut grooves, fascinating wildlife and more of such attractions.

The most intriguing and wonderful area of southern region of the country lies in its fascinating backwaters. Kerala’s most spectacular place to experience the sheer elegance of backwaters is Alleppey. Backwaters mainly contribute in the tourism of this city. However, a large number of water bodies like lakes, rivers lagoons and the grand Arabian Sea to the west adds more charm to this elegant city. Backwaters also provide networks of waterways around the city. These networks are the lifeline of Kerala. Backwaters endow a perfect glimpse of the countryside with dockyards, lagoons, canals, and commercial boats. Such alluring glances make Alleppey an unceasing motif that became a bewitching measure to beach rooters too. Alleppey also organize some water carnivals once in a year, like Nehru trophy boat race etc. which gives more excitement to the locals and travellers. Apart from Alleppey, the other places where you can find the graceful stretches of backwaters are Kollam, Kumarakom, Vaikom, Ernakulam, etc.

The sheer glory of backwaters can be best paired with the houseboats. Backwaters and houseboats go hand-in-hand. The serenity of the exotic backwaters becomes more beguiling when you explore it with the traditional houseboats of Kerala. This perfect combo gives an opportunity to experience the interesting ethnicity of the place with tranquil natural glory. One can also indulge in various fun activities like fishing, swimming, bird watching, cruising, shell harvesting, boating etc. Travelers love observing the rural lifestyle of the villages around while cruising on the houseboats. The backwaters alone serve as the main attraction of Kerala and include some fascinating aspects like village life, wildlife, cruising, flora etc. It is not just the beauty of the backwaters which makes it special but also the features and aspects that are attached to it, making it a perfect tourist destination. Scores of tourists from all over the world visit Kerala to experience the enchanting charm of its backwaters.

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