Taj Mahal: The Beauty Personified

The Taj Mahal of Agra City is listed under the Seven Wonders of the World for various significant reasons apart from just being a glorious monument. One of those significant reasons is the intriguing history which adds soul to this enticing edifice: a soul which is overwhelmed with love, loss and remorse. This edifice is a living example of the sheer love between a man and his wife. If the prominent Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan did not gave orders to build this mausoleum in remembrance of his wife Mumtaz Mahal then the world would have never seen this classic love example. The intentions as well as the emotions behind the construction of this wonder were so pure that the monument still carries the essence of sheer love of the emperor for his wife. Their love is still prevalent as people often base their love relations on Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal was not just a memory for Shah Jahan but something much more than that. He made this mausoleum to show the world how deeply a man can love his wife. He wanted her to be alive in the form of this edifice of love even after her death. In this way he showcased his love for his queen and ensured that her memory would never fade away. The pious feelings behind its construction and one should never forget the hard work which contributed in making of this grand wonder. Both of these reasons have made this an incomparable piece of art. This grand monument is an experience of its own kind. The monument showcases magnificent magnanimity with the intricate inlay work. The detailed craftsmanship with the calligraphy is not behind in terms of creating the mesmerizing aura. The arrangement of such fascinating aspects inspired from the Persian and Islamic architectural styles leaves one absolutely mesmerized. Every single atom of this monumental mausoleum is full of expertise.

With housing incredible splendor, it is rightly said that The Taj is the beauty personified. Apart from the intricate Mughal architecture, the Taj is known for showcasing its different moods. The different moods are the various shades that are at display during different hours of the day. This sheer white glory reflects different hues during the day: as the sun rise in the morning this white edifice turns pinkish; at the noon it is milky white but as the day proceeds, it turns golden in the evening and under the silvery moonlight it become slight blue. With such incredible facets it affirms to be the finest example of architecture in the world.

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