Five Things You Should Do Before You Book A Hotel

No matter the reason for why you’re traveling, you always try your best to make sure that all facets of the trip are as stress-free as possible. Perhaps one of the leading causes of stress for most travelers is when they need to book hotel rooms. Even with all of the advances that have come over the decades to find the right room for the right price & with the right amenities, there is still something about booking a room that really doesn’t sit well with some folks.

There is something to be said about booking a room at a hotel that can be cause for alarm. Even though most hotels have websites that showcase all that they have to offer, there are just as many stories of travelers that booked a room based on what they saw but were greeted with something completely different. Moreover, perhaps the hardest part of booking a room is knowing that someone else stayed there before you.

It’s not we’re against the idea of spending time in a room where someone else has been, but it’s that we know how people can operate. If there are rules, some people break them. No smoking means no smoking, yet you can walk into a room & smell cigarette smoke. Many places have a “no pet” policy, yet your allergies kick into high-gear because you’re interacting with pet dander. Unfortunately, booking a hotel room can really be the worst part of traveling.

Still, don’t let the chance of something going wrong keep you from traveling as visiting new places & seeing new things is one of the great pleasures in life. Instead, plan ahead with these five things before you book your next room:

Know Your Trip Info – Nothing makes booking a room easier than already knowing the duration of your trip & the associated dates you’ll be staying. Have all or as much info as you can when you call.

Have Competitive Pricing Available – Do some research when trying to find a hotel that suits your needs & get a few prices from competitors. It never hurts to try & see if room rates can be matched.

Make Note of Your Memberships & Affiliations – If you’re a member of any organization based on age, profession, hobbies, or political affiliation, it might be good to mention this as there may be some discounts or perks available.

Make Note of Your Needs & Possible Fees – If you know you’ll need wi-fi, for example, find out if there are any fees. Chances are that the hotel’s website will have this info, but it never hurts to double-check.

Know Your Travel Window – We don’t like to think about it, but even though we can plan our trips down to the smallest detail, sometimes you can’t avoid delays or cancellations. By the time you get to your hotel, you’re hoping that the check-in window hasn’t closed. It always pays to find out what travel to your destination entails so that you know to ask about the check-in window at your hotel.

Don’t book hotel rooms without trying to map out the entire process ahead of time. It may seem like overkill, but this small bout of proactive planning can really make a difference.

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