What is a LavaBox Propane Firepit?

If you are interested in purchasing a LavaBox propane firepit for camping, here are some things to keep in mind: the tabletop Vol-CAN-no, a burn time of 4-5 hours per pound of propane, and a floatation feature. If you’re wondering what’s so special about the LavaBox, you’ll learn more about it as you read on.

LavaBox propane firepit

The LavaBox propane firepit is a versatile midsize fire pit that is extremely portable and powerful in terms of heat. Because it is made of rocks, the bottom portion of the LavaBox does not heat up until the rocks have been placed inside the fire pit for about fifteen minutes. This can make it an excellent choice for campfires or other gatherings where people are often on the move. The regulator allows the user to control the amount of heat they want to create, and there is an automatic shutoff valve to prevent the fire from spreading.

LavaBox uses over 100,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) to produce a massive 900°F of heat. Its compact design makes it a great option for travel or for use in a RV. You can also connect it to a propane source and forget about the fire bit altogether. This firepit is completely water-resistant and has a rugged look. As a bonus, it is made in the USA, so it will naturally patina as it ages.

Tabletop Vol-CAN-no

The Tabletop Vol-CAN-no is a portable propane firepit with more than 100,000 BTUs. It produces a whopping 900°F of heat. It comes with a plug-and-play attachment and is even fire-resistant, unlike wood or charcoal fire pits. Additionally, unlike fire pits, LavaBox doesn’t create smoke or embers. The company has a patent pending on its technology and hopes to secure a patent this year.

The LavaBox Tabletop Vol-CAN-No propane firepit is the flagship model, featuring an insulated, water-resistant tabletop. It is lightweight and portable and burns propane cleaner than wood. It can be easily strapped to a canoe and is easy to set up for about 120,000 BTUs of heat. It measures 11 inches wide, 5.5 inches long, and 7 inches high. It weighs 11 pounds.

Burns for 4 to 5 hours per pound of propane

While the LavaBox propane firepit is not a wood-burning device, it does burn for four to five hours per pound of fuel. It is recommended that you burn it outdoors only. If you choose to light it indoors, you should not place it in an enclosed space as it will produce carbon monoxide, which has no smell and can kill. When using a propane fire pit, be sure to follow the instructions on the cylinder. Propane cylinders must have Type-1 valves that are equipped with an over-fill protection device. Identifying a Type-1 valve can be easily determined by its large external threads on the outlet. Do not connect it to any other type of valve connection device.

The LavaBox has several benefits over other fire pits, including its portability and high-heat output. Its lightweight design allows for easy transportation and is very portable. The fire rocks take about 15 minutes to heat up. Because it is made of lightweight materials, it burns for five to six hours per pound of propane. While it consumes 4 to 5 pounds of propane per hour, the LavaBox is environment-friendly and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

Floats on water

The LavaBox propane firepit floats atop the water and features a regulator for precise burning control. Adjustable burn levels range from low to extreme, and the flame can be switched off at any time. The LavaBox has passed Fire Restrictions Stage Two and has sold more than 500 units. Its design has impressed outdoor enthusiasts and rangers alike, who praise its safety features and versatility.

The tabletop version uses more than 100,000 BTUs and produces 900°F of heat. Its plug-and-play attachment makes setting up and taking it down easy and convenient. The LavaBox is completely safe to use and has passed a rigorous testing process by law enforcement and rangers in the US and Canada. The company plans to release a portable propane firepit in 2020.

Burns for 120,000 BTUs

If you’re looking for a portable fire pit that doesn’t require wood or charcoal, then the LavaBox tabletop Vol-CAN-no is the product for you. This fire pit burns for 120,000 BTUs and has a compact, ruggedly handsome design. Not only is it easy to use and store, but it burns clean, which means you won’t have to worry about smoke or burning your eyes while using it. The LavaBox also comes with Hades Stones and a carrying case.

The LavaBox comes in two forms. The tabletop version features a Vol-CAN-NO made from 50-cal. ammo cans filled with ten Hades stones. Each unit weighs about 8.5 pounds and can be strapped to a raft. While the tabletop version has a small footprint, it delivers a roaring fire that will warm you up and make your trip even more memorable.


Aside from propane firepits, LavaBox also sells fireproof gloves and watertight propane tank covers. Its Tabletop Vol-CAN-no model is compact enough to fit in an RV and requires no fire bit. It also runs for 4 to 5 hours on a single pound of propane, which is a better burn time than wood. Its compact size and smooth bottom also make it easy to pack into a car. The LavaBox is sold in two models, Tabletop Vol-CAN-no and includes a set of Hades Stones.

LavaBox also offers a Fire Pit with a cover for larger groups. Its diameter makes it easy to seat six people, while its lightweight design makes it portable and easy to move. This firepit weighs approximately 26 pounds and comes with a carry kit for easy portability. Adding a cover for the Fire Pit is a great way to extend your firepit’s use. Besides the fire pit itself, LavaBox also offers fire pit accessories like a water hose, lighter, and regulator.

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