Why You Should Buy Frequent Flyer Miles

If you travel internationally frequently then you’re the ideal person who should buy frequent flyer miles. If you redeem your miles to buy a ticket, you’ll see that getting a first class ticket will be a lot cheaper than buying it without any miles. In fact, in some cases, the cost of first class ticket with miles will come out to be less than twice the cost of an economy ticket. Isn’t that great?

However, it’s harder to collect miles. You can’t depend solely on flying to earn miles. It’s a very slow, and some would venture to say, expensive method. The most popular method is using a credit card. However, you need a good credit score to get a credit card which has a maximum rewards program.

The easiest method is to buy miles. Airlines sell miles at discounted rates. However before you begin your shopping spree, keep these few pointers in mind:

1. Don’t just buy any airline or alliance miles:

Do your research and you’ll find discounted and bonus deals to buy miles directly from the airline or allowance. Last year, American Airlines was offering a 50% bonus opportunity – an additional 30,000 mile bonus if you bought 60,000 miles. Deals like these are constantly offered by airlines so do your research.

2. Pay Attention To Your Travel Itinerary:

You should start by looking at your travel history and determining which routes you travel the most. If you’re an international traveler who finds himself in long-haul flights more often than not, then buying miles is a perfect solution for you. Look at frequent flyer programs of the airlines popular on that route and see which airline requires the least number of miles. Use a mileage calculator online to check how many extra miles you’ll need for a first or business class ticket on that route. You can then buy the miles you need and redeem them for luxurious travel.

3. Use 3rd party websites:

Fortunately, there are a lot of professional websites online which are solely devoted to selling miles of any airline you need. They offer a lot of discounted deals for various airlines. Some will even help you secure last minute business and first class tickets on a discount! They offer an array of services in which they help you find cheap flights with leading airlines, and then help you determine how many miles you’ll need to buy. Once you’ve bought the miles, you don’t have to go to a separate website to book your flight. They’ll do it for you. It’s a simple hassle-free procedure.

4. Buying miles is no a long-term investment:

Miles come with an expiry date so buy enough for a short-time use. Accumulating miles is not a good idea so buy what you need.

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