What Makes Universal’s Halloween So Intensive?

Fear fans might have come across many scary experiences in life. But perhaps few would match the spine-chilling encounters that Universal Orlando Halloween has to offer. Every year, during the HHN (Halloween Horror Nights) fest, the Resort greets you with an impressive array of horror attractions. The specially designed haunted houses here are the scariest incarnations of the evil that one can have. From the biggest names in horror to the most disturbing and scary offerings, here you can go screaming through the most unexpected faces of terror. You might have left the Park after attending one of the favourite fright nights, but the fear will keep haunting you long after the last scream was heard.

Universal’s HHN Fest is the Nation’s premier Halloween event. Aimed at providing the best of horrors since inception. No other event of its kind treats terror like it does. Intended for guests of ages 13 and above, the popular fall event transforms the night into a hair-raising and blood-curdling adventure. If you are one of those guests with a faint heart, it’s better to stay away from such an intense situation. Or you can take your time building up the courage, prepare and plan to survive the terror well ahead of the actual visit.

HHN Fest is where fears rule the roost. It’s where your worst nightmares can come true. Imagine the scenes from your favourite horror films and TV series. Imagine those inevitable pains and tortures by the most terrifying, wicked and evil characters, including the legendary slashers and others. And now imagine you being subjected through all these in real-time. Whether it’s inside one of those most elaborately designed haunted mazes or outside in the streets of the Resort, in some unexpected scare zones, the outrageous live shows or the encounters with iconic figures of terror, you cannot escape that inevitable scream.

There is so much to scare you out there that even the bravest of the guests will find it hard to resist the screams. And why not, HHN is one of the most exciting annually held projects for Universal. The creators have spent months, planning in detail and executing new ideas to scare you year after year. They leave no stone unturned, and the result is a series of fright nights with incredible collection of world-class haunted houses and scare zones, including live shows and more. And not to forget it’s backed by an ever-increasing fan base. Also, every year the scary element gets scarier and to survive a night at the Event gets even more tough.

Visitors must know that HHN is a separate ticketed event. It’s not included in the regular Universal admissions. There are different types of tickets available at different prices for the Event as well. You can go for tickets with fixed dates, or buy a flex ticket that allows you to visit on any select date you prefer. If a single night of Horror is not enough for you, then there also available Fear passes that provide access to multiple nights of horrors. For more information on upcoming HHN Event and updates on tickets you can logon to halloweenhorrornights.com. Last but not the least, you can always save some more on tickets when buy in advance.

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