Peru: Board Sports Paradise

Peru is most famously associated with the iconic ruins of Machu Pichu, llamas and being the land where they eat guinea pigs. What people don’t associate Peru with? Board sports. Due to its diverse geographical features, Peru can offer board sports enthusiasts amazing opportunities for surfing and sandboarding. Here are two of the best places in the country to try out these sports.


Lima, the capital, is known as being one of the top surf spots in the world. However, the waters there are cold and the skies usually grey due to the humidity. Head to the north of Peru and you will find the small town of Mancora, only a couple of hundred kilometres from the equator. Miles of sandy beaches, waves from the Pacific and the kind of warm water that you just dive straight into without worrying about the temperature makes it the perfect hotspot for surfing. The centre of the town is full of cheap surf hire and schools along the beach, so you will find surfers of all ages and experience in the water. Despite the beautiful waters and beaches, this small town isn’t too well known to the public, so you don’t have to worry about overcrowded beaches or not finding that sweet surf spot. Don’t worry if surfing isn’t your thing though, cause Mancora is also a wonderful place for kitesurfing and paddle boarding.


When most people think of Peru, the last thing that comes to mind is sandy desserts which is exactly what you will find in the region of Ica. Here you will see sand dunes as far as the eye can see so there is no better place in Peru for sand boarding. There are plenty of places to hire sand buggy tours for cheap, which will take you into the desert for hours of sandboarding fun. There is even a resort called ‘Las Dunas’ which has a sand dune within its grounds, so guests can grab a board after their breakfast and go shred on some dunes. If you’re a real adrenaline junkie, head over to Cerro Blanco, the tallest sand dune in the world, measuring in at 1776 metres from base to summit. Since the sand buggies can’t reach the top, you better start your journey early in the morning if you want to avoid the blistering heat on the 3-hour ascent.

Surfing and sandboarding. One involves shredding waves and the other carving down sand dunes. So if you love board sports, head on down to Peru where you can do both of these amazing sports. What are you waiting for?

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